Grand Isle Historical Society

Grand Isle, Vermont

The Grand Isle Historical Society works to preserve the town of History of Grand Isle, Vermont.  It manages the Hyde Cabin Historic Site, maintains local artifacts, and sponsors programs on local history. 

The Grand Isle County Historical Society was formed in 1955 to help with the preservation of the Hyde Log Cabin.  The Hyde Log cabin was the home of Jedidiah Hyde Junior and descendants from 1783 until the mid-1940s. The cabin was moved to the current location in 1946.  More information on the restoration of the Hyde Log Cabin can be found on that page.   The Grand Isle County Historical Society ceased its' operation at some point.

Around 2000, Jan Desarno placed an ad in the Islander asking for people interested in forming a local historical society for the town of Grand Isle.  A number of people attended including Fay Chamberlain who provided documents related to the move and renovation of the 1814 Block/Corners schoolhouse.  It had been used as a school until the 1950’s when the current Grand Isle Elementary School was built. The Grand Isle Historical Society was formed from this meeting and engaged in moving and restoring the building.  In 2004, it was moved to the Hyde Log Cabin Historic site and preserved.

Since then the group has continued to manage the Historic Site, maintain the collection of artifacts, preserve and present information on local history.  In 2017, the Worthen Barn was built to showcase agricultural artifacts.

To join the Grand Isle Historical Society fill out this form: application  

 and mail to P.O. Box 23 ,  Grand Isle , Vt 05458