1814 Schoolhouse

District #4 Schoolhouse

The schoolhouse was built in 1814 by James Griswold, master carpenter and joiner. As early as 1900 , it was known as the 'Corners' Schoolhouse and is also known as the “Block Schoolhouse”. It was constructed of foot-thick squared-off logs which can be viewed through a stove air vent on the outside south wall. Timbers were laid like a log cabin with lime and sand mortar. One-and-a-half inch thick planks were nailed vertically on the outside of the logs and clapboards were nailed onto the planks. Alterations were made in the 1930’s to conform to the state standards of larger windows and the addition of electricity. A study by the University of Vermont in 1989 revealed the original color was yellow ochre.

Originally, it was located one-quarter mile east of Grand Isle Corners on the south side of the road now known as East Shore Road North. It was moved to the grounds of the Grand Isle Elementary school in 1954 and became a functional school building.

In 2003 the Grand Isle School Board donated the building to the Grand Isle Historical Society. In an effort to provide the public an opportunity to view the building, it was moved in late November that same year to it’s present location. It is open to the public during summer hours.

Cross section shows thickness of wall