Traveler 13 ½’

Wood circle, 8” diam., 10” metal handle. Used by wheelwrights to measure circumference of wheels.Originally had pencil markings on edge of wheel. From Marcus Kinney farm. Donated by Lucille B. Campbell, July 2020.


Grinding Stone

Wood base with handle (17-½” x 8-¾”).  Gift of Miss Ada Day (Nay?) - who has deed to her property signed by Ira Allen dated 1791

Rope Winder

Wood base, crank handle, 2 rollers. Rope, 8 strand, 39’, hand braided. Donated by Art Blair, 2006.

Leather Vise


Seed Planter

“Griswold” seed planter. Loaned by Jean Prouty, July 2020